A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol, BBC, Rumble VFX

A Christmas Carol


Rumble VFX worked alongside Framestore to deliver multiple shots across 2 Episodes of Steven Knight's adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

This brooding, sombre take on the Dickens classic was produced by FX Productions in association with the BBC, with Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott among the executive producers. 

As Guy Pearce’s Scrooge is forced to confront a dark chapter of his past in Episode 2, Rumble were tasked with creating a lethal coal dust cloud in a tragic mining disaster, caused directly by the miser’s neglect. 

The Rumble team used Houdini to generate a CG coal dust cloud with collapsing mine debris and wall extensions based on lidar scans of the set, which were seamlessly integrated with the live action, using Nuke. 

Present-day Hampstead was transformed into Dickensian London, with the help of Rumble’s CG / DMP set extensions of Victorian streets, adding snow, replacing summer trees and adding green-screen sprites to populate set extension areas.

Scrooge's redemptive journey was enhanced by various split screen composites and blue screen inserts completed by Rumble, including his terrifying encounters with the Ghost of Christmas Future and a vision of his own death.


Nick Murphy

Production Company
Scott Free / Hardy Baker / FXP

VFX Supervisor
Martin Davison

VFX Producer
Jasmine Hall

A Christmas Carol, BBC, Visual Effects

2D Supervisor
Max Wright

Lead Compositor
Joe Cork

Lead CG Artists
Tim Zaccheo, Richard Costin

Digital Compostors
Gustaf Nilsson, Bruce Harris

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