Pennyworth, Season 2

Pennyworth, season 2, vfx, rumble vfx

Pennyworth, Season 2


Rumble have had an exciting and productive start to 2021, delivering close to 100 shots for the second season of DC's Pennyworth.

The Batman spin-off documents the exploits of young Alfred Pennyworth in a dystopian 1950s/60s London, many years before he becomes Bruce Wayne's butler. A large portion of Rumble's work involved populating a bar scene with extra individuals, which was looking a little sparse, due to covid shooting restrictions.

Pennyworth VFX Breakdown, Rumble VFX

Multiple background actors were shot against green screen and later composited back into the final shots. The sequence comprised of over 40 shots – with many of the green screen elements shot bespoke on a shot-by-shot basis - carefully matching the camera height, angle, actions and lighting. Rumble's Max Wright was on set to oversee these shoots, making sure we got everything required for those seamless composites.

Pennyworth VFX Breakdown, Rumble VFX
Pennyworth VFX Breakdown, Rumble VFX
Pennyworth VFX Breakdown, Rumble VFX

In addition we also created landscape and sky backgrounds for several dramatic scenes set high-up in the fascist Raven Society HQ in the final two episodes.

Pennyworth Visual Effects breakdown, Rumble VFX
Pennyworth VFX Breakdown, Rumble VFX

The on set windows were fitted with frosted glass. Rumble’s challenge was inserting an expansive horizon – made up from drone footage and panoramic skies. The skies were tweaked between episodes to reflect the mood of the scene. We also replaced the wheels on Arthur Pennyworth’s wheelchair – for some shiny new CG ones!

Pennyworth Season 2 vfx breakdown, Rumble VFX

Catherine Morshead
Danny Cannon

Exec Producer
Bruno Heller

Production Company
Warner Horizon Television Inc

VFX Supervisor
Rob Delicata


VFX Supervisor
Max Wright

2D Supervisor
Joe Cork

Visual Effects Artists
Tim Zaccheo
Richard Costin

Digital Compositors
Enrico Lambiase
Valentina Bartiromo
Gustaf Nilsson

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