Pennyworth, Season 3

Pennyworth Season 3 - Rumble VFX

Pennyworth, Season 3

Warner Brothers / HBO Max

Rumble returned to the DC universe, completing 100 shots on the latest season of the Warner Bros produced Batman prequel, following the exploits of the young Alfred Pennyworth.

A large portion of the work involved digital set extensions of the live-action set builds, shot on the Leavesden backlot. Rumble extrapolated the backlot set, building bridges complete with moving CG trains and extending architecture with 3D geometry and digital matte paintings, all in keeping with the original production design.

The final VFX shots were embellished with exploding CG police cars and plasma blasts emitting from the characters with enhanced abilities


Bruno Heller

Rob Bailey
Jon East
Jill Robertson
Danny Cannon
Sheree Folkson

Exec Producer
Matthew Patnick

Production Company
Warner Bros / HBO Max

VFX Supervisor
Andrew Lim

Post Production Supervisor
Cory McCrum

Pennyworth Season 3 - Rumble VFX

VFX Supervisor
Max Wright

CG Supervisor
Tim Zaccheo

2D Supervisor
Joe Cork

Lead CG Artists
Richard Costin
Rasik Gorecha

Digital Compositors
Gustaf Nilsson
Allan Torp Jensen
Enrico Lambiase
Stefan Rachev

VFX Editor
Michal Golebiowski

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