The Crown, Season 6

The Crown Season 6. Rumble VFX.

The Crown, Season 6

Netflix, Fate: The Winx Saga. Season 2

Rumble's Emmy-nominated team were delighted to return to the final season of The Crown, completing close to 300 shots across all 10 episodes.

We are thrilled to have received our first BAFTA and Visual Effects Society award nominations for our work in this season.

A huge variety of shots were delivered in this season, ranging from full CG recreations of the Al-Fayed luxury yachts in the French Riviera to digital set extensions of 1990s Downing Street.

Building on our work from previous seasons, including our set extensions of Windsor Castle, Rumble took on new challenges, such as the recreation of the interior of St George's Chapel, complete with digital matte paintings of the stained glass and CG flags.

Crowd replication and environment work was used throughout, transforming shot environments into script locations as varied as Bosnia, Chicago, Botswana and Vancouver.


Stephen Daldry
Alex Gabassi
Christian Schwochow
Erik Richter Strand
May el-Toukhy

Production Company
Left Bank Pictures

VFX Supervisor
Ben Turner

VFX Producer
Reece Ewing

The Crown, Sean 6 VFX Poster. Rumble VFX

VFX Supervisor
Joe Cork

CG Supervisor
Tim Zaccheo

2D Supervisor
Max Wright

Lead CG Artist
Richard Costin

Production Coordinator
Lucy Beavis

Assistant Production Coordinator
Olive Pascha

Senior VFX Editor
Harry Hamblin

Assistant VFX Editor
Caolan Dodds

Digital Matte Painters
David Gibbons
Aurelien Ronceray

CG Artists
Alex Jevon
Paul Cousins
Jon Gomez Manzano
Sebastian Zaniewski
Sam Howell
Atanas Atanasov

Blake Laing-Smith
Osman Baloglu
Vili Ivanov
Gustaf Nilsson
Allan Torp Jensen
Ned Baker
Enrico Lambiase
Rachel Wright
Ewelina Freuer
Ryan J Ramsey

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